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  • Protecting the flame mindfulness talk
'Protecting the flame'

Themasessie 5 oktober 2022 om 20.00 uur, begeleid door Rob

"In that moment I felt as if that small flame, that represents the essence of the human spirit, completely depends on people like us who receive it, protect it, and then pass it on to the next generation. When Beuys ended his speech with that line — Protect the Flame! — I felt as if I too had just received the flame, perhaps in a similar way as he did many years earlier. Protect the flame is quite different from, say, carrying or waving a torch. What I saw with my inner eye looked more like a candle: you hold the candle in one hand, and you protect the flame with the other — by holding it very close to your heart.

And that may well be what is necessary today. Because our planetary emergency is already so fragile, each of us needs to hold and protect the flame by holding it close to our heart."

Protecting the flame
Circles of radical Presence in Times of Collapse
Otto Scharmer 2022

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